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Welcome to Private Practice!
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Most people are doing their research on the web.  This includes finding everyone from lawyers to doctors to churches.  When people want to know about you they go to the internet.  So you definitely need a website.

Xpress Business Pages offers you a unique opportunity on your website.  Not only can we provide you with 4 pages, but we can also provide you an automated website that uploads your schedule and allows potential clients to schedule an appointment with all with the click of a mouse!*

Automation, of course, can happen at a later date, but consider that there is more than one reason to have an informational website:

Having a reference to the website allows you to put your credentials out for people to read and start to trust you.

We also offer several different options for you to take contact or consultation requests over the internet.

Call us at: 888-667-8574
You can also email us here.